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Poster: glenn Date: Jul 29, 2004 7:46am
Forum: etree Subject: Re: Over 3 days to download just 1 show!!!

this website compares shn to mp3 to show that while the quality is measurably degraded, the 256 mp3s are not too badly distorted...

HOWEVER, if you make an audio disc from an mp3 and it gets copied a few times, there will be audible artifacts... try this: get the very cleanest sounding mp3 you have, burn it to an audio disc, copy the disc, label it '2', copy 2, label it '3', copy 3, label the new disc '4'... then critically listen to disc 4 (third generation from your 'master' mp3)critically and compare to you 'original'.... any difference you hear, that's the reason not to circulate the mp3 based recordings.

There's no reason not to download these in mp3 and enjoy them yourself, but circulating them is considered by many in the music community to be a breach of etiquette similar to photocopying photocopies of an original work of art...

especially since these are already available worldwide for download.

Shn, or flac, on the other hand,decompresses to the original .wav file, so every copy of the show in .shn format is a pure absolutely perfect copy of the orginal master wav... after any number of generations.

I used to have dialup,so I totally symathise with the dilemma... but I have downloaded LOTS of shows in .shn format, it takes patience, but when you are done you have something to be proud of, that you can freely share without any qualms that you are doing anyone a disservice.

again there is a great FAQ on all this at if you want to set up a trade by mail, or want some more detailed help that you can't find a FAQ for email me, my address is a few posts back. Replace ' AT ' with '@'

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Poster: dylan66 Date: Jul 29, 2004 3:42pm
Forum: etree Subject: Re: Over 3 days to download just 1 show!!!

Hi Glenn

Cheers for the advice. Basically I love GD but am totally new to this sort of thing. My collection is basically the main CD's and some Dicks Picks. You have to start somewhere and I wish to start now.

I have so far downloaded 1 show and burned via nero onto audio cd. I can not see that I will be copying these CD's but saying that I do wish to go for the best quality I can possibly get.

I do not have broadband, so the one show I have downloaded (5/8/77) was done via mp3 vbn. It took a fair few hours but sounds good (to me). I do not mind waiting longer if you advice me to. Also I am not sure exactly what the descriptions mean for the downloads. Should I be going for the show in one go? If so it will probably take about a day. This is OK if it is a safe option. What exactly do all the different options mean eg.? Which is basically best? Also when I download a complete show, does it show as individual tracks?

Sorry to be a pain but I'm so new to this and just want to listen to some great shows.
Cheers so much for any help you can give.